Tough Choices Experiencing Poverty

Have you ever had to make a tough financial choice?  Like choosing to pay the rent/mortgage instead of buying groceries?  Maybe you have had an unexpected car repair or medical emergency which significantly blows your budget.  This is what the WSK “Experiencing Poverty” events are about. This is the harsh reality for so many that […]

The Sour Boys – Kids Helping Kids

The Sour Boys Deliver the Sweet Taste of Pride and Hope for a Better Future – a story of kids helping kids. This is the second summer that the Sour Boys have popped up their lemonade stand, complete with t-shirts, handmade posters and shaker signs – all to benefit Weekend Survival Kits.  Recently our friends […]

Kids Doing Charitable Works

How You Can Get Your Kids Involved in Charitable Works At Weekend Survival Kits we have witnessed many kids doing charitable works. We are often thrilled, delighted, and even moved to tears by the acts of charity that young people have initiated.  It is amazing when we see kids take the lead to do something […]

Promise Keepers Campaign Launched

For many supporters the thought that you can’t make a difference when you make a modest gift to Weekend Survival Kits’ Promise Keepers campaign is common. Think again, that thought couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when your gift is a recurring monthly gift. In that case for one child it makes a huge […]

Junior League of Lansing to host Poverty Conference, WSK to Benefit

On Friday March I3th the Junior League of Lansing, a valued partner of Weekend Survival Kits, will be presenting a day-long Poverty Conference. This event has been organized by Justine Bell, last year’s WSK Volunteer of the Year. This day-long event features a keynote by author Terie Dreussi Smith who wrote Bridges Out of Poverty. […]

Impact Report Released by Weekend Survival Kits

The first ever WSK Impact Report has been released. As a nonprofit we have a responsibility to share information with our donors and supporters. That is why we have taken the time to assemble a small booklet of important facts, highlights, and a forecast of things to come for Weekend Survival Kits. You can pick-up […]

CARES ACT Offers Incentive to Donors

The CARES ACT Supports Nonprofits Like Weekend Survival Kits Did you know that the stimulus package, known as the CARES Act, a response to the Coronavirus crisis, includes incentives to make donations to nonprofits?  If you were concerned about how Weekend Survival Kits will be able to survive once the children go back to school, […]

The 2020 Census Important for Those We Serve

Answers to Questions About the 2020 Census During this time of the coronavirus crisis stay-at-home, parents have the perfect opportunity for a civics lesson for your children as you fill out the mandated Census form.  Poverty statistics are pulled from the census data and have a huge impact on national food programs like the Free […]

Quarantine – Unintended Consequence

Quarantine Could Help Hungry Kids When the quarantine is lifted, we will all surely breathe a cautious sigh of relief.  Even so, it makes sense to return to our normal routines with a measure of caution. Social distancing, use of masks especially in crowded indoor places may protect us or others from individuals who may […]

World Hunger Day – Friends Encouraging Friends

World Hunger Day was May 28th and Weekend Survival Kits was pleased to see many new donors come our way to make World Hunger Day local.  We are so very grateful to all those who participated and made an online donation to Weekend Survival Kits and encouraged your friends to do the same!  If you […]