Weekend Survival Kits

CARES ACT Offers Incentive to Donors

The CARES ACT Supports Nonprofits Like Weekend Survival Kits

Did you know that the stimulus package, known as the CARES Act, a response to the Coronavirus crisis, includes incentives to make donations to nonprofits?  If you were concerned about how Weekend Survival Kits will be able to survive once the children go back to school, the answer is it will be tough without additional support from many more individual donors.

To help donors feel better about donating right now, here is an excerpt from the CARES ACT brought to our attention by our Board Member and CPA, Julie Young of Simplified Tax and Accounting.

The Need Will Be Higher for Weekend Food Kits

What we have learned about Weekend Survival Kit’s position because of this crisis is that for more and more families, the weekend food gap will continue to be a reality.  Because of this health crisis and the resulting loss of jobs these families will experience challenges to make ends meet long after the stay-at-home quarantines are lifted.

As we look to the future beyond the immediate crisis, what we know is that the number of children and families needing food supports will continue to rise.  The good news is that the stimulus package does anticipate more families needing food supports right now through programs like SNAP.  However, we believe recovery of jobs will take longer to rebound and it is very likely that come September there will be more children and families in need.

Our expertise at attracting volunteers and coordinating packing and distribution is a skill that rivals the ability or band width that many food pantries and food banks possess.  WSK is thrilled to work closely with the food banks in our area allowing us to purchase the food for our program and very reasonable prices.

There is Something You Can Do to Help Weekend Survival Kits

While we are still in the middle of this crisis, our need for volunteers to do hands-on-work is limited. However, the hundreds of volunteers who have signed up to pack and deliver kits CAN HELP.  Won’t you become a Promise Keeper and set-up a monthly recurring donation of $10 or more? This is an easy way to Give Hope to Hungry Kids.  Or, if it is within your means to make a $300 tax-deductible donation to take advantage of the charitable giving benefit offered through the CARES Act, you will be guaranteeing weekend food supports for 3 students for the next school year.

To learn more about the CARES ACT, this link from National Public Radio is useful. And, of course, continue to visit our website for updates www.weekendsurvivalkits.org   There you can read current blogs, set-up your donation on a secure platform, express your interest in volunteering, and track your volunteer hours.