Weekend Survival Kits

Quarantine – Unintended Consequence

Quarantine Could Help Hungry Kids

When the quarantine is lifted, we will all surely breathe a cautious sigh of relief.  Even so, it makes sense to return to our normal routines with a measure of caution. Social distancing, use of masks especially in crowded indoor places may protect us or others from individuals who may have the virus but no symptoms.

On the home-front there is much to be celebrated: you and your family have learned new ways to be together, and some of us have learned how precious our distant families are and how really challenging singular isolation can be. Hopefully we have all learned to prioritize what is most important, our health, our safety and our families are at the top of the list.

We have all learned the highs and lows of remote meetings and distance learning …something that will likely continue to be a part of our routines going forward. Our houses have kept us safe and many of us have even found time to take on some long overdue chores as we cherish the place we call home.

Quarantine = Many Happy Returns

However, there has been one unintended consequence from staying home…you may have noticed that your local grocery store has closed the returnable bottles and cans stations. This was yet another important safety precaution.  For many of us the consequence is an extreme build-up of returnable bottles and cans!  Your problem could be part of a solution at Weekend Survival Kits and other local nonprofits.

When you get the chance to return your bottles and claim your deposits would you consider pledging all or part of your bottle return money to help us get ready for a very challenging new school year? It is our expectation that the number of children who will need the food supplement support over the weekends throughout the school year will be higher than ever!

Help us spread the word on social media.  Take a picture of your mountain of returnable bottles and cans and let us know your plans for supporting Weekend Survival Kits in Giving Hope to Hungry Kids and other charities. Post your promise on your page and share to www.facebook.com/weekendsurvivalkits If you do this and encourage your friends and family to do the same …there are sure to be many happy returns for hungry school kids this Fall.