Weekend Survival Kits

Promise Keepers Campaign Launched

For many supporters the thought that you can’t make a difference when you make a modest gift to Weekend Survival Kits’ Promise Keepers campaign is common. Think again, that thought couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when your gift is a recurring monthly gift. In that case for one child it makes a huge difference! A difference which may last for years. Why? Because when a child is hungry, they can’t learn! At Weekend Survival Kits when we feed hungry kids it is our hope that the only hunger they will experience is the hunger for more knowledge, the hunger to do well in their classes, in sports, band and other electives, the hunger to explore all of their capabilities. Please, don’t underestimate the power of your recurring gift.

Consider this perspective from one of our recent recurring givers, the Fritts family. Travis and Camilla Fritts own Old Nation in Williamston, Camilla in the front (the restaurant) and Travis in the back creating, brewing and distributing craft beers. Early on they decided to make giving back a regular part of the Old Nation operations, giving back a tage of their monthly proceeds to local charities one month and statewide charities the next. They call this their “Feelgood Tap.”

Weekend Survival Kits has been the fortunate beneficiary of both the Old Nation organization’s generosity through financial contributions, and volunteer support from the Fritts family.

This is what Camilla Fritts says about Weekend Survival Kits: “We absolutely love the opportunity to volunteer as a family at the food kit packing sessions. I am amazed at the earnest efforts, joy and excitement that all of the children who volunteer demonstrate,” shared Fritts.

When the family learned about the Weekend Survival Kits’ Promise Keepers recurring gift program the whole family was ready to commit. “It started with two of my three kids, they love going to volunteer at the packing sessions and have been so proud of the opportunity to give back. When my son learned about the Promise Keepers campaign, he wanted to pull money from his savings to help hungry kids. I made a deal with both the kids that if they did extra chores each week, I would pay them by funding their own Promise Keepers account. They love keeping track of their activities so they can keep the promise they made.”

At Weekend Survival Kits, we see that there are winners across the board with support from families like the Fritts’: The hungry children supported by the Weekend Survival Kits; The families that include their own children in giving back and creating values like responsibility – leadership – charitableness; The community which benefits from the Fritts family leadership and charitable contributions; and countless people who may be touched by a future leader who needed some help as a child and received it through Weekend Survival Kits and its growing army of Promise Keepers!  Won’t you join us?  It is simple.

Visit our Donate Page, decide how many children you wish to support at $10 per month, plug that number in, fill-in your payment info on the secure form, and then make the gift recurring. If you have kids participating as givers, please let us know their names in the acknowledgement section of the form.