Weekend Survival Kits

The Sour Boys – Kids Helping Kids

The Sour Boys Deliver the Sweet Taste of Pride and Hope for a Better Future – a story of kids helping kids.

This is the second summer that the Sour Boys have popped up their lemonade stand, complete with t-shirts, handmade posters and shaker signs – all to benefit Weekend Survival Kits.  Recently our friends at Old Nation in Williamston invited the boys to set up their lemonade stand in the parking lot and to help things along the media was alerted to this special appearance.

This was the boy’s show and they handled the media spotlight with thoughtful, genuine answers – paying no attention to the beaming proud parents offering thumbs-up in the background.

The Sour Boys being interviewed by the media about the good work they are doing for Weekend Survival Kits We first got to know the boys at the regular volunteer food kit packing sessions that are scheduled monthly during the school year.  For many families the volunteer sessions for Weekend Survival Kits have provided a rare opportunity to work together with their children to achieve a common goal of doing good works in the community.  The kids pitch in and do their part taking on all sorts of tasks with an earnestness that is truly heart-warming. While the kids have fun, many have demonstrated a mature understanding that they are doing this work to help kids right here in their own community who may be less fortunate, and yes – hungry.


There have been countless other kids who have extended themselves to help Weekend Survival Kits.  Choosing to direct birthday money to WSK to help purchase food for the kits, or offer their services in their neighborhood to rake leaves or shovel snow for cash that will be directed donations for food purchases. Or the teenagers who show-up to pack food kits and also have canvassed their neighborhood for donations. We are truly grateful for all the kids who decide to help Weekend Survival Kits through volunteering or getting creative like the Sour Boys: Carter and Cooper Krystyniak, and Andy and Max Pelletier. They help us fulfill our mission and fill us with hope for a brighter future.

Help us catch kids doing good works for Weekend Survival Kits. We would like to acknowledge and encourage their efforts.  Send us a message, with photos and particulars and we will post on Facebook and send a letter of thanks.