Food Program Participation a Challenge

Food program participation is a challenge across the nation. For parents, it is the household income which qualifies their kids for the Free and Reduced-Price lunch and Breakfast programs and subsequently the Weekend Survival Kits program.  Across all three of these programs the national average of participation seems to hover at about 25% of the […]

School Administration Concerns on Getting Started

From time to time, school administrations have concerns on getting started with Weekend Survival Kits (WSK). They may see the Weekend Survival Kits program as more work to an already busy day/week – seeing challenges to the on-boarding process. Interested schools should know we have structured our delivery program so that we are only coming […]

Weekend Survival Kits and Old Nation Brewing Co. Working Together

Weekend Survival Kits and Old National Brewing Company are working together to raise awareness and funds to feed hungry kids. It is a point of community pride that Williamston is home for two very different but forward-thinking organizations.  Weekend Survival Kits is a nonprofit organization dedicated to feeding hungry kids on the weekends during the […]

Track Your Volunteer Hours

Why should you keep track of your volunteer hours? Recently, Weekend Survival Kits established a special form on our website which keeps track of your volunteer hours given to our organization. Several volunteers have shared that they don’t really need to keep track – and we can understand that sentiment. However, unlike other nonprofits, in […]

A Teacher’s Story – Academic Success and Food

This is my story of  academic success and food. Jacob was 5 years old – he came to my classroom in early October because he had begun in another school district,  his family had been evicted, causing a move to our town. It was well after the start of the school year. Routines were well-established  […]

Feeding Hungry Kids – A Good Investment

At Weekend Survival Kits our success comes from the support we receive from the communities we serve.  Many businesses have found that making Weekend Survival Kits the target of their volunteer and giving strategy is a good investment. Learn how feeding hungry kids is a good investment. Businesses like our partners:  Jackson National Life, Delta […]

Fighting Food Insecurity in Michigan

At Weekend Survival Kits we know that right here in our own communities that as many as 1 in 4 school-aged children are determined as experiencing food insecurity; and that insecurity has a dramatic affect on their ability to learn.  We are painfully aware that food insecurity is not just a child problem. It is […]


Learn why the Need is Real for Weekend Survival Kits and the children we serve. First, a brief message from a Lansing Schools third grade teacher and next from Weekend Survival Kits on how you can help. From a Lansing Public School Third Grade Teacher: The “food bags” as the kids call them, are a […]

Snow Day No Fun for Food Insecure Kids

News Flash! A snow day is no fun for food insecure kids. Extreme weather like that caused by the polar vortex are ratcheting up the level of concern for everyone’s well-being.  If we are smart, we take all the necessary pre-cautions to stay off the roads, stay indoors, and stay warm.  With the early warning of […]

Weekend Survival Kits Volunteers – PRICELESS!

Each April the nation celebrates National Volunteer Month. Here in mid-Michigan twice a month during the school year there are approximately 185 Weekend Survival Kits volunteers who show up at our Weekend Survival Kits food kit packing sessions. In additional volunteers at each of the 80 schools we serve who help to coordinate the program […]