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Tough Choices Experiencing Poverty

Have you ever had to make a tough financial choice?  Like choosing to pay the rent/mortgage instead of buying groceries?  Maybe you have had an unexpected car repair or medical emergency which significantly blows your budget.  This is what the WSK “Experiencing Poverty” events are about. This is the harsh reality for so many that live on the edge of poverty.  If you have not had to make this kind of difficult choice, you are truly blessed.

Weekend Survival Kits invites you to join us at our “Experiencing Poverty” event.  Our first two are coming up in July on the 17th and the 23rd.   These events are based on real life situations.  Join us to experience first-hand what the families we serve are going through. This is an interactive event – those who have participated have described them as life-changing.

Making Tough Choices at WSK for those Experiencing Poverty

Too many times throughout the school year we have had to make tough choices when schools in our area request help from the Weekend Survival Kits program.  It is gut-wrenching to have to say “no….not right now” to adding more schools!  We hate having to put schools (and kids) on a wait list for food.

The Poverty Simulation will conclude with a short presentation from Weekend Survival Kits on school year 2018-19 and a forecast for the future. Weekend Survival Kits is so grateful for all of the support we receive from donors and volunteers throughout the year. Support that makes it possible for us to feed over 4,000 school kids in 80 schools across 5 mid-Michigan Counties on weekends throughout the school year!  Our goal is to bring the “Experiencing Poverty” event to participating schools with the goal of engaging individual school communities to support the cost of food kits.

The July “Experiencing Poverty” events will be the first of many and we could sure use the support from our friends and supporters. Won’t you join us for this extraordinary event and renew your commitment with us in Giving Hope to Hungry Kids?   To RSVP click the button:


RSVP to participate in the Experiencing Poverty event.


Also, if you are part of a church or community group within 100 miles of Lansing and are looking for a meaningful experience to ignite interest in charitable works, the Experiencing Poverty event can be made available to your organization.  The fee to “rent” the event covers facilitation of the event.  The largest percentage of the fee will be a charitable donation to Weekend Survival Kits and will buy food kits which will help us say yes to more kids. To learn more contact  katie@weekendsurvivalkits.org


Weekend Survival Kits, was established in 2012 is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and is formerly known as Many Hands, Inc.  Founded by Jeff and Heather Gorsline, this nonprofit continues to grow to meet the needs of families with school – age children experiencing poverty. The program supplies food kits for individual children twice a month to cover the weekend food gap.  This program is committed to making sure that hunger is not an obstacle to learning especially on Monday’s when many children may come to school after the weekend without sufficient food.  These children struggle to pay attention because of hunger and may have challenges with their academic performance. Should you wish to make an immediate donation please use the Donate Button at the top of the page.