Weekend Survival Kits

World Hunger Day – Friends Encouraging Friends

World Hunger Day was May 28th and Weekend Survival Kits was pleased to see many new donors come our way to make World Hunger Day local.  We are so very grateful to all those who participated and made an online donation to Weekend Survival Kits and encouraged your friends to do the same!  If you are one of our new friends because of World Hunger Day, we would like to encourage you to visit our Website and learn more about the important work we do right here in Michigan. The challenge to continue to feed hungry school kids continues to grow as those we serve are navigating the choppy waters caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  If you made a one-time gift and wish to continue, consider visiting our Donate page and make a recurring gift and join our growing number of Promise Keepers!

Something Special About the WSK World Hunger Day Promotion

A few months ago, we received a call from Christyn McCleary out of the blue – she had learned about our work feeding hungry kids and had some ideas to share!  She called to share the dream she had to help hungry kids.

With no expectations about support from us, Christyn personally called upon “influencers” who had strong followings on social media and asked for their support for a one-day promotion.  She also engaged her brother to design some art for the promotion.

The something special for us was the generosity of strangers that arrived through the influencer campaign designed by Christyn.  Her unique talent was her ability to conceptualize the campaign and boldly ask for support.  We are truly honored to have met Christyn, her friends, and their friends!  You have no idea how it felt to see and hear the proof of your support as each new donor was acknowledged in our email with a ping…music to our ears!  And even more good news…Christyn has another idea!