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WSK Volunteer Spotlight – Meet Anna

For this Mom, Volunteering is a Family Affair

Anna Krystyniak photo for WSK Volunteer SpotlightThis is the first installment of the new Weekend Survival Kits Volunteer Spotlight, we are pleased to put the spotlight on a long-time volunteer, someone who joined us back when we were called Many Hands!

Meet Anna Krystyniak, a tireless volunteer who clearly knows the incredible value of giving through volunteering.  “I know how important volunteers are to nonprofit organizations. It has always been a part of my heart to give, both in time and money. Even if you cannot make big cash gifts, you can always give of yourselves through volunteering,” shared Anna Krystyniak.

Anna and her family moved to the area from SE Michigan in 2011 and then moved to Williamston in 2014.  “We have two boys, 10 and 11, and were fortunate to have great neighbors who shared our values on volunteering.  Our boys are part of the neighborhood Sour Boys volunteer enterprise to sell lemonade to raise funds for Weekend Survival Kits. We have enjoyed making volunteering a family activity and always appreciated the evening packing sessions. It is so important to start teaching your kids early about volunteering and giving back.”

Anna Comments on WSK Volunteer Safety

Now that the issues of personal safety regarding Covid-19 are part of the process, fewer family groups have attended packing sessions. Krystyniak had this to say about WSK safety measures…” Our family has felt safe and secure with the safety precautions and our boys are old enough to follow the safety guidelines. I think the effort that WSK has gone through to keep us safe and still prepare and deliver the food kits to those who desperately need the food supports is amazing! This is a program that is so needed. I was shocked to learn how many kids right in our own hometown need this extra help, let alone the thousands in the other communities in the area that are supported by Weekend Survival Kits.”

Volunteer Spotlight on Anna Krystyniak
The Krystyniak family : Anna, her son Carter, and husband Corey, and son Cooper

“When I learned that the organization was struggling for volunteers, for me as a person…I knew that volunteering my time was the right thing to do. While I have given my time as a volunteer to other nonprofits as well, being able to make this volunteer activity a family affair and know that it benefits the community I live in is very important to me.”

We, at Weekend Survival Kits are so incredibly grateful to Anna Krystyniak and her family for their selfless support of our mission to feed hungry kids!