Weekend Survival Kits

What Calls Eric Trotochaud to Serve?

Weekend Survival Kit’s newest Board Member is Eric Trotochaud, when asked about what calls him to serve, two themes bubbled to the top, first his family business has always been in the hospitality sector.  His family owned and operated hotels, and Eric attended Michigan State University in the hospitality department.  Now that he has a family of his own, he has taken all the powerful lessons he learned about superior service and channeled the service industry culture into other businesses as a consultant.  However, that does not answer the question of “why” give your time and talent to Weekend Survival Kits.  “That is easy, my wife Chrissy is a teacher, and she has seen and shared stories with me about the challenges students have when living with food insecurity. Weekend Survival Kits is a worthy cause to support and I believe I can make a difference,” he said.

Joining the Board of Directors about a year ago, right on the cusp of the Covid-19 Pandemic did not give Eric the chance to experience “business as usual.” However, it did inspire him to realize the challenges of helping his two children (10 and 15) navigate remote learning were far different than the challenges of a family in need of food support.  “It didn’t escape me that on the first day of school when all four of the Trotochaud family members were online that we had a technology connectivity problem, which we could easily fix with a phone call and credit card.  Yet, the people Weekend Survival Kits was serving were in a far more tenuous position.  If they had a job, it was likely in jeopardy, and being able to handle problems like technology were out of the question budget-wise. And having enough food for kids, was going to be a serious problem.

“I am particularly aware that most people think that food insecurity is just a Lansing Schools or Detroit Schools problem and that is so far from the truth.  I am glad that Weekend Survival Kits is serving so many children across the area school districts, even in what you and I would consider to be affluent districts.  There is so much room for growth. More kids need good, nutritious food and I want to help!” shared Trotochaud.

“Weekend Survival Kits is honored to have Eric Trotochaud as a Board Member. He brings fresh eyes, enthusiasm, and heart to his service. We look forward to continuing to receive his input, as we go forward in our mission to Give Hope to Hungry Kids…now more than ever,” shared Founder and Executive Director, Jeff Gorsline.