Weekend Survival Kits

Weekend Survival Kits Volunteers – PRICELESS!

Each April the nation celebrates National Volunteer Month. Here in mid-Michigan twice a month during the school year there are approximately 185 Weekend Survival Kits volunteers who show up at our Weekend Survival Kits food kit packing sessions. In additional volunteers at each of the 80 schools we serve who help to coordinate the program are part of our delivery model. Plus, there are dozens who make sure the kits arrive at the appropriate schools/classrooms.  And, the handful of dedicated volunteers who share their special talents either in our offices, on our leadership team, or at our special fund-raising events makes sure that the we run a lean and effective operation.

“We are truly blessed to have so many volunteers at Weekend Survival Kits! This month during National Volunteer Month, our gratitude continued to expand as we calculate the value of the service hours. Our conservative estimate of 5873 volunteer hours based on the national average of $25.43 per hour brings the value to Weekend Survival Kits at over $149,000 annually, “stated WSK Program Coordinator, Jillaine Eaton.

Learn More About Weekend Survival Kits Volunteers

At last count there were 777 volunteers registered with Weekend Survival Kits.  Since adding a Volunteer Interest Form on our website many have expressed interest in participating in this important mission of Giving Hope to Hungry Kids. If you are among the many prospective new volunteers there is still time to participate at one of our four packing sites before the end of the school year, so be sure to check the front page of our website for upcoming sessions. Over the summer even as schools are closed work will continue as we prepare to set new goals to reach and serve more of the students in the mid-Michigan area who will go hungry on the weekends.  Summer is also a great time for volunteers to coordinate their own fund-raising efforts. Learn more on our Donate page.  Families have coordinated kid-friendly efforts to help us support this program as the new school year begins. Alternative birthday celebrations are one of our favorites. Businesses and community service clubs are encouraged to consider how they could support a local school or classroom as an on-going commitment.

Weekend Survival Kits Volunteers Save Money and Feed More Kids

“It is important to remember that every single hour of service donated by volunteers makes it possible for us to channel our financial resources to the purchase of food for the kits. While we have reached an all-time high of 4,184 children served this school year, there are far too many students who needed our program but couldn’t participate because our funds for food were spent. We are so grateful for the many volunteers who open their hearts and find ways to support Weekend Survival Kits in addition to their volunteer service,” shared Eaton.