Weekend Survival Kits

Ways You Can Help Weekend Survival Kits

There are so many ways you can get involved to give hope to hungry kids!  We need both volunteer manpower and funds to keep our operation running!

Last year, due to Covid relief dollars we were so grateful to receive the food at no-cost from the Greater Lansing Food Bank. We still have operational support needs as well as expenses related to the packing, so we still need to raise funds to effectively support the smooth operation of the Weekend Survival Kits program.

Here are a few ideas of how you can help:

  • Church or Civic Groups special collections
  • Individual “special occasion find-raisers” on social media
    • Visit our Facebook page (@weekendsurvivalkits) and click the “Fundraisers” tab then “Raise money” to create your own fundraiser.
  • Kids doing good works to raise funds for WSK such as:
    • Lemonade stands
    • Lawn mowing
    • Returnable Can Collections
    • Birthday Money Donations
    • Snow shoveling
    • Car Wash
    • or other helpful services

In the past these efforts to raise funds for kids less fortunate has been a great way for kids to share information about Weekend Survival Kits and do acts of giving to benefit our organization. At Weekend Survival Kits we are happy to share talking points or leave behind materials to support the fund raising efforts. Please contact us!  kyla@weekendsurvivalkits.org

There have also been some heartfelt fund­raisers in memory of or a tribute to a loved one. Some kids (and adults) have created their own WSK Fundraiser on online or in person to commemorate a special birthday, anniversary, or event.

If you or someone you know is considering creating a special fund-raiser to benefit Weekend Survival Kits, please share the following with us so we can effectively acknowledge the gift and the efforts:

  • Who did the fund-raising?
  • Was there a special occasion?
  • Could you share pictures?
  • What was the total amount raised?

Thank you for considering creating your own fund-raiser to benefit Weekend Survival Kits.  Please let us know about your plans and how we might help.