Weekend Survival Kits

Volunteering, A Family Affair

We turn our attention to the Beach Family for our next Weekend Survival Kits Volunteer Spotlight. Volunteers like Amanda and Maddie Beach warm our hearts. This dynamic mother-daughter duo has been consistently volunteering for our food kit packing sessions this year.

Just prior to the onset of the pandemic the Beach family decided to put their current home in the Greater Lansing area on the market in favor of a home that would be slightly larger to meet the needs of their family. “It was a fast sale which made it possible for us to purchase a home with more elbow room and a home office…features we didn’t know we would need,” shared Amanda Beach. “Before we knew it, because of the pandemic, we were fully into an entirely different lifestyle with two kids schooling from home (at a new school) and both my husband and I working from home as well. It was the extreme isolation of Covid precautions which sent my daughter Maddie and I on a search for a safe, outside the home, volunteer activity.”

Since Amanda had volunteered previously with another food kit packing enterprise, she was specifically searching for a local nonprofit focused on feeding kids. “Our kids want for little…my husband and I have been blessed with the ability to provide a good life for our family. However, growing up my mom was a single parent. We were not strangers to the idea of utilizing local food banks and pantries to make ends meet. Our family is truly fortunate which makes it even more important to pursue opportunities to give back,” shared Amanda.

Volunteering Enhances Confidence and Relationships

Maddie is 10, going on 11 and takes immense pride in her volunteer service and is particularly proud that she and her mom have volunteered enough times to be able to take a leadership role and help orient new volunteers. “I am so happy to see the growing confidence Maddie is showing through our volunteer service. Maddie is very protective of our time together volunteering for Weekend Survival Kits. It is our “thing” and working side-by-side provides those special moments of candor and conversation on big topics, and sometimes it is just fun to be working together for a great cause,” offered Amanda Beach.

At Weekend Survival Kits, we are so incredibly grateful for volunteers like the Beach’s and so many others, who generously give of their time to help us fulfill our mission. If you wish to join our team of volunteers, please go to:  www.weekendsurvivalkits.org/volunteer to learn about current opportunities to give back and Give Hope to Hungry Kids! Even if you cannot volunteer, you can support our efforts to get food to hungry kids by going to www.weekendsurvivalkits.org/donate.