Weekend Survival Kits

Track Your Volunteer Hours

Why should you keep track of your volunteer hours? Recently, Weekend Survival Kits established a special form on our website which keeps track of your volunteer hours given to our organization. Several volunteers have shared that they don’t really need to keep track – and we can understand that sentiment. However, unlike other nonprofits, in our organization volunteers play an essential role in our ability to fulfill our mission.

Gratitude is Important

We recognize that as we grow it would be easy to take our volunteers for granted – and we never want to do that! Having a way to quantify your hours and supply you with a place to offer feedback is a great way to keep the lines of communication open. Our Volunteer Tracking form has a place for you to add comments. We encourage you to tell us when we are doing well, and when we might have room for improvement. This school year, with this new tool in place, we have dubbed it the YEAR OF THE VOLUNTEER. The connection that the tracking form offers helps us find ways to enhance your volunteer experience.

The Volunteer Hours Tracking Form is EasyScreen shot of Clipboard to click on to track volunteer hours

You can access the form on the Home Page of our website, or even from your smart phone. Here is the link to the Volunteer Tracking Form https://weekendsurvivalkits.org/volunteer You can also just go to the website and use the navigation bar to click on Volunteer, then Track Activity. It is so quick and easy that we would suggest that you take a minute while you are sitting in your car to pull out your phone and log your hours. Special note for Parents with Underage volunteers: You can account for your family hours by reporting the total that your family gave and then just include the name of the children in the comments section.

If you are on the website and just go to Volunteer – you will also notice that there is a Volunteer Sign-Up form at the bottom of the page, this is a one-time form where you can express your interest and availability. This is a deeper dive to discover whether there is something more that you can do to help us fulfill our mission. We will use this information when we are looking for specific help and might reach out to you individually. The Volunteer Tracking Form, on the other hand, opens only when you click on the Clipboard image in the sidebar or from the top navigation bar. Each time you enter your volunteer hours it is added to your profile in our customer relationship management system.

Power in Numbers With Volunteer Hours Tracking Form

By spending the few extra minutes to help us track your hours, you are helping us make a case for continued financial support with major donors and funders. The form also gives us the ability to do a combined report of all volunteer hours in a particular time frame. We imagine, that with a growing commitment to use the tracking form by our volunteers, we will be able to demonstrate how important our service is to the communities we serve. We know you hate paperwork ….but would you take the few minutes it takes to track your hours? Please!