Weekend Survival Kits


Learn why the Need is Real for Weekend Survival Kits and the children we serve. First, a brief message from a Lansing Schools third grade teacher and next from Weekend Survival Kits on how you can help.

From a Lansing Public School Third Grade Teacher:

The “food bags” as the kids call them, are a wonderful gift to many of our families. Our students are always so excited when it’s Friday and they receive a kit. They love looking in the bags and planning their snack for when they get home that day. I had a new student to Lansing this year who was thrilled when he got to take his bag home. He said: “WOW! I am REALLY happy I came to this school – my Grandma and Grandpa are going to be so happy to get this!”

The Weekend Survival Kit is a very fitting name for these bags. I know families who may have no other food items in their house besides what their student brings home in the Weekend Survival Kit. As a teacher, I would like to thank all the different individuals and groups who donate to Weekend Survival Kits. Also, for all of those who take the time from their day to pack ALL those bags…you are true angels to many, many students!

A Message from Weekend Survival Kits:

The next time you are hungry, and your stomach is growling, take a minute and think about walking to your cupboard only to find it empty. Or, imagine being a parent or guardian, like the little boy’s grandparents, and not having the resources to provide your children with life’s most important necessity – FOOD.  This is a heartbreaking reality for nearly 10,000 children right here in Ingham County.  We repeat – the NEED IS REAL.

It will take close to $400,000 this year to feed the nearly 4,000 children, in five counties, currently enrolled in the Weekend Survival Kits program to receive food for every weekend during the school year.  Currently, we have a waiting list for schools and children wishing to participate in the Weekend Survival Kits program. They are on a waiting list because we cannot say yes until we are sure we have the financial support to cover the cost of the food kits. With YOUR help, we can serve them, confident that these children will be able to go to school ready to concentrate, learn, and succeed academically.

Yes, the NEED IS REAL. The Weekend Survival Kits program can only do this with donations and support from people like you! Thank you for supporting our mission – we know that you do because you have donated or volunteered in the past.

Now that the new standard deduction is in place many nonprofits will see a decrease in gifts driven by a tax benefit. Please know that regardless of your tax position, school kids in mid-Michigan will still go hungry on the weekends. Please consider supporting the Weekend Survival Kits program by joining us to GIVE HOPE TO HUNGRY KIDS.

You can use the DONATE button on our webpage or write a check to:  Weekend Survival Kits and mail to:  319 W. Grand River Avenue, Williamston, MI 48895. If you recently received our printed request for support in your mailbox – feel free to use the envelope which was enclosed.

Please Note: Weekend Survival Kits is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization. You can find out more about our program and links to our financial information on this webpage