Weekday Snack Program

Weekday Survival Snacks – New Program

In January 2018, after some field research with ten of our elementary school Weekend Survival Kits programs in the mid-Michigan area, a beta-test of a snack program to be called Weekday Survival Snacks, was implemented.  

The Weekday Survival Snacks beta-test will continue to the end of the 2018 school year. Regular feedback will be gathered from the ten test schools. That feedback will include data on how many snacks are consumed and how quickly the snacks run out in a two-week period.  Teachers and administrators got us started by sharing information on the current availability of snacks, who is paying for the snacks, what snacks are ideal for the classroom, and the current availability for secure storage of the snacks exists.

These are the facts that supported our commitment to funding this test program:  

•80% of the teachers surveyed reported that daily there are children coming to school without snacks

•60% of the teachers surveyed make time in their day for children to have snacks

•80% of the teachers surveyed see a link between the availability of snacks and positive academic effort

•75% of the teachers surveyed report that they personally supply and pay for the snacks out of their own pocket!

The Goal for the Weekday Survival Snacks

Through our service to nearly 70 schools across Clinton, Ingham, Livingston, Shiawassee, and Wayne Counties we are currently feeding approximately 3,500 kids via the Weekend Survival Kits.  Through this work we have learned how critically important it is that during the week kids have snacks over the course of the school day. Following are the highlights of the beta-test of the Weekday Survival Snacks program:

•Available to all elementary school kids (while supplies last), who have failed to come to school with a snack

•Each school will receive snacks to cover a two-week period, twice a month

•All snacks will be nut-free

•Teachers will be asked to fill-in information on quantities signed out over the 2-week period, and any comments on the types of snacks or challenges with the program

•School Liaison or Administrator will be asked to ship that information back to us every two weeks

Sponsors Needed for Weekday Survival Snacks

Early results of this program indicate an opportunity to go forward, confident that the commitment to this effort is clearly within our mission to remove barriers to academic success.  Watch for more information and blog posts on target snack items which pass the kid-threshold of acceptance and the parent/teacher threshold of nutrition and affordability.  

However, this we know –in order to confidently go forward and cover all 70+ elementary schools in our program – we will need sponsors.