Weekend Survival Kits

Teachers and school nurses have found that in some instances, when Monday morning comes, they are forced to compete against hunger for the attention of their students. By focusing on children who receive free or reduced priced breakfast/lunch at school, Weekend Survival Kits aims to provide supplemental nourishment over the weekend, so young children will come to school on Monday morning with full bellies and ready to learn.

Mission Statement

Weekend Survival Kits empowers communities to provide food on the weekends to school children who may otherwise go hungry, ultimately helping to remove barriers to academic success.

Our service area includes Ingham and surrounding counties.

Weekend Survival Kits primarily serves children in grades K-5 but may also serve grades 6-12. 

Our Philosophy

Our basic philosophy is simple: many hands make light work and each of us can make a difference. Together we can create a community of caring for families in greatest need of food support.

Over the years, our success at Weekend Survival Kits is due to hundreds of volunteers each month during the school year, and year-round support from generous donors.

In 2012 a small idea grew into an amazing effort with a positive impact for school kids! With support from so many along the way, it became clear that the true power of our mission was in helping others and leading by example. This is the same reason why so many volunteers and organizations embrace our cause.

Our organization simply cannot grow with just a vision. It grows when individuals, churches, schools, businesses, and civic organizations rise to the call to join others to contribute time, talent, and funds to help feed hungry kids.

We currently serve over 60 schools in Ingham county and surrounding areas. If you are located in Mid-Michigan and do not see your school on  this list, please reach out to learn more about what it takes to bring a new school on board.