Weekend Survival Kits

Meet Haslett Second Grade Teacher Suzie Zuke

2nd grade teacher Suzie Zuke

As a nonprofit that specifically works to make a positive impact on hunger issues for school children in Mid-Michigan, it is a treat to hear directly from a schoolteacher on the impact of our program for both the kids and the teachers!

“There is no question that for some of our students they are simply not getting enough to eat over the weekend,” shared 2nd Grade teacher Suzie Zuke. “As a result, the students come to school with a deficit in both nutrition and healthy restorative sleep. These hungry kids are not getting what they need to grow. There is no doubt in my mind that the food kits from Weekend Survival Kits significantly levels the playing field for many of our students. What is equally impressive to me is how the Weekend Survival Kits are distributed in such a discreet and respectful manner. This helps reduce any stigma associated with the program, especially coming from older students. While my second graders will mostly be unaware of the food kits, I have seen older students who may not participate in the food support program for fear of being teased by classmates. “

Zuke reports that the school support staff are happy to move through the hallway on the food distribution day to quietly tuck the food kits into the backpacks of the participating students, knowing what a difference it will make for them.

“I know I can speak for the other teachers in my building that the monthly box of healthy snacks, also provided by Weekend Survival Kits, is a welcome addition to our Care Closet. Being able to send a student, who may have forgotten or been unable to bring snacks to school, to get a snack can make a dramatic difference in that child’s day and their ability to focus on learning. The snacks can also be critical in turning around a “bad day” for a student and their teacher,” continued Zuke.

For the Zuke Family, supporting the Weekend Survival Kits mission is a family affair. We are honored to have support for our program both from Suzie, as a teacher and a champion, as well as her husband, Sam, for his volunteer service in distributing kits to schools twice a month.

Note from Weekend Survival KitsSome parents may wonder how they can get their child signed up for the Weekend Survival Kits.  They simply need to contact their school office and let them know they are interested.  After that, a kit of food sufficient to cover two weekends will be sent home twice a month during the school year if their school is participating in our program. Increasing the number of kits distributed can be handled at any time throughout the school year with a quick call to the school’s office to learn who in the office is coordinating the WSK program kit counts. WSK communicates regularly with our (over 60 participating schools). You can also check our website to see a list of participating schools.