Weekend Survival Kits

Meet Brandon Couch – Our Volunteer in the Spotlight

Brandon Couch has been a Weekend Survival Kits (WSK) volunteer for almost 8 years. He is committed to driving and delivering kits to his assigned schools in Holt and Webberville. “An hour and half, two times per month during the school year is so worth the effort,” shared Brandon. “I am fortunate to have an employer, Dave Muhlek of Allegra Marketing Print Mail, who believes in the mission of feeding hungry kids and makes sure that I can use one of the company trucks for the deliveries.” Dave is also a member of the Weekend Survival Kits Board of Directors.

Brandon and his wife, Donnoda, who Brandon Couch and his family is a registered nurse, have two kids – a boy 7 years old and a girl 3 years old (“going on 15” quipped Brandon). The family recently moved to Dewitt. They love the outdoors and are hockey players and fans. Brandon is in a Men’s hockey league and his son is a “mite” playing in an East Lansing hockey league. “Our family is blessed to have highly active grandparents close by who take an interest in our kid’s activities. My wife and I count our blessings that we have a family circle that love and care for us in so many ways,” said Brandon. “It makes me think about the kids who need the support of the Weekend Survival Kits and how they may not have the kind of support our family enjoys.”

“It is so motivating to see the students when I deliver food kits to the schools. I am often greeted by kids calling out: It’s the food guy! There are so many families that need this food program. WSK could use more help at the school level to identify the students/families that could benefit from receiving Weekend Survival Kits. They need WSK champions at every school they serve. For example… I have noticed that the number of kits directed to Holt have gone down a substantial number this past year. I am certain that there are still families that need food over the weekend!  I cannot imagine what that would feel like to have it be an ongoing struggle with no help in sight.”

“The Weekend Survival Kits food support program is a huge benefit to the community. I am proud to do my part in supporting them with my volunteer time. I would also like to say, from my perspective, that this program is the most organized as it has ever been, and Kyla Parkllan and the WSK team have been doing a great job at coordinating the volunteers.”

Weekend Survival Kits Note:  We are honored to have the support of generous people like Brandon!  Thanks Brandon for being the kind of volunteer  who always goes above and beyond our expectations. Thanks for being a volunteer we can always count on!