Weekend Survival Kits

How You Can Help Support the WSK Mission

A Letter to Our Friends and Supporters

As the year-end holiday season approaches, we at Weekend Survival Kits want to take a moment to celebrate the gift of your support.  Whether you are a teacher/school administrator working on the front lines as our link to the children and families in need, or, you are counted as part of our army of volunteers who give so generously of your time and talents to make sure that the food kits are packed and delivered, we are so grateful for all that you do throughout the school year to help us fulfill our promise to feed hungry kids!

Many of our friends and supporters are also donors. Please know that your financial gifts are deeply appreciated. Your donations go toward purchasing additional food items over and above what may be available from the food bank. We are committed to making sure that the food kits are fully provisioned to make sure that each child who participates will have enough items to provide at least seven meals each weekend. Your donations also help us to run our snack program and to cover material costs such as bags, and staff administrative costs for coordinating the program.

As the New Year approaches and you think about making resolutions – please consider renewing or increasing your support for our shared mission to help level the playing field for the school kids who need our help.  Additionally, you can help by spreading the word about our program. Perhaps your work associates are looking for a cause to support, or your church group wishes to support a local worthy effort. To help you, here are some relevant facts/talking points about feeding hungry kids for you to share:

  • Each week during the school year Weekend Survival Kits provides food kits to over 2,400 students across the Greater Lansing area to 60+ schools.
  • There is no cost for a student or school to participate in the WSK program
  • Families are not asked to share any personal information about themselves or their children
  • Teachers report that children who come to school hungry have difficulty focusing on their schoolwork, and that having the WSK food kits available for students in need is extremely helpful for the children.
  • Weekend Survival Kits also supplies a monthly box of snacks which are available for any teacher or child to access regardless of their financial circumstance.
  • Weekend Survival Kits is registered 501c3 nonprofit, and more information about the program can be found online at weekendsurvivalkits.org
  • To make it easy, the WSK website has a donate page on the website.

Thank you for all that you do to help us keep our promises to the children and families in need!  Our mission continues to be Giving Hope to Hungry Children – please join us!