Food Kit Priorities

The contents of the Weekend Survival Kits continue to be one of our highest priorities.  When it comes to maintaining food kit priorities  there is always a balancing act between cost of food and availability of healthy, good-tasting choices which will sustain the children participating in this vital program.  Each kit is designed to provide supplemental food support over two weekends.

The goal at Weekend Survival Kits is to keep the cost of each kit to $4.00, and this includes some material costs and administrative overhead to pay our team members who help coordinate the program. This may seem like an unreasonable goal, yet by working closely with the local food banks and the Feeding America network we have consistently been able to meet our content, quality and price goals.

To demonstrate our commitment to quality and positive outcomes for the children, here is a description of our weekend survival kit content priorities and the rationale:

On the top of the food kit priority list is breakfast, and as such it never is missing from the kit.  Second, we look for easy meals which even a child can prepare – this might mean opening and heating up a can of soup or spaghetti-o’s, and close behind are protein-rich easy entrees. Hardest to find is dairy which is affordable and in supply.  The 5th, 6th, and 7th priority items are fruit, vegetables, and snacks.



Food Kit Priorities Table