Weekend Survival Kits

A Different Approach to Holiday Gifting

Daily, the news is filled with stories about the supply chain and how it may impact our holiday gifting. Instead of scrambling to find sources for the latest, hottest toys or electronics which very well may not be available because they are sitting in a shipping container on a slow boat from China, or stacked up with thousands of other containers on a dock in California waiting for a truck to pick it up, why not take this opportunity to right-size your holiday celebrations?

Instead of fretting about the rising costs and shrinking availability of toys and gadgets, how about starting some new holiday/family traditions?

We’ve heard the suggestions before, and maybe made some half-hearted attempts at creating new holiday traditions. Why not begin now to gather the input from your family members… including your children on ways to create joyful and meaningful new family traditions?

Gving from the heart, a different approach to holiday gifting

Here is our discussion list:

What activities could you do for someone you love that could be a product of your personal “gifts or talents”?

What could you create that would appeal to the one receiving the gift:

Could you write something?

-A poem

-A song

-A thank you letter

-A Top 10 list of what I love about you!

What talent do you have that can be shared?

What are gift ideas which are truly from the heart?

This holiday season what kind of experiences can you do as a family to make it a truly memorable holiday?

What gifts of service could be done in honor of someone close to you?

What is not subject to Supply Chain Problems

Creating meaningful activities or gifts from the heart are never subject to supply chain issues. The last time we checked these are the things which are in endless supply:

Smiles …  Time …. Acts of Service …Talent

Love has no limits!

At Weekend Survival Kits we wish you a truly meaningful holiday gifting season which will be full of love, caring, and wonderful memories to last a lifetime!