Volunteer Packing Session

Packing Sessions for School Year 2020/2021 will be happening at the 242 Church Community Center in Okemos. Because of Covid the number and age of those attending will be limited. Watch for posts with information and link to Sign-Up form! 

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Reasons to Run Our Annual Hunger Heroes Race

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

RE: Reasons to Run our Annual Hunger Heroes Race

We are willing to bet that many of you have one very real reason for why you run a race. It is simple, you are a runner and loving to run a race is personal. You want to run your best race because of how it makes you feel … that incredible rush of accomplishment from striving to do your personal best! 

For us, at Weekend Survival Kits, the “reasons to run” are different. Having sustained our commitment to the thousands of kids we serve over the past year has been very personal! While we rarely get to meet the individual kids we serve:

Through their teachers, and sometimes their parents, we know their stories:

·      Their real pangs of hunger. 

·      Their insecurity about when the next meal will be.

·      The anxiety about empty cupboards at home over the weekend.

·      The challenge to focus on their studies when they are hungry.

·      The struggle to simply keep up academically with their peers.

These are the reason we run the Hunger Heroes Race and continue each day to find more ways to do better at Giving Hope to Hungry Kids. It is our sincere hope that this is reason enough for you to run your best race or even your first run/walk. Will you do it for the kids?

There is still time to sign-up to run a race for the kids. Simply go to to learn more. This year, like last year, the race is virtual and we have added some amazing prizes for those runners who choose to help us by raising funds to feed kids. You have our deepest gratitude for choosing to join us. 

Many Thanks,  

 Jeff Gorsline 

Founder and Executive Director


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About Donations: Thanks to all of you who have prioritized a gift to Weekend Survival Kits. Your support is much needed. As time goes on, it is clear that we will be identifying greater need for the weekend food supports, and that will cost more money. Please join us in providing food and hope to the kids we are serving by going to the donate page. or simply tap the donate button at the top right corner of the home page.

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IMPACT REPORT Released for Review

As we closed the books on 2018, our seventh year of service to families who are experiencing food insecurity through mostly elementary schools in five counties, we are filled with gratitude. It is a deep and enduring gratitude for all the support we have received both from donors and volunteers. This report is to help you understand the impact of the work we do and to understand the continuing needs of school children in our area.  Growth has been exhilarating, challenging and sometimes sobering. Especially sobering when we realize that the increase in schools and individual children represents thousands of stories of heroism, courage, and heartbreak which we will never be able to share. By its nature, due to confidentiality promises, we do not often get to hear about the challenges which qualify families to participate in this program…

To learn more about the Weekend Survival Kits performance across all the schools we serve, click on the report image.