Volunteer Packing Session

Packing Sessions for School Year 2020/2021 will be happening at the 242 Church Community Center in Okemos. Because of Covid the number and age of those attending will be limited. Watch for posts with information and link to Sign-Up form! 

Race Series Event

This year (2020) the Hunger Heroes Race Series is virtual…run your race in your time and pace between Sept 1st and Sept 26th. Last day to sign up is September 11th to guarantee a tee shirt.








Statistics as of: 2/20


January 2021

Dear Friends, 

While my family remains healthy like many of you, we have been indirectly affected by Covid-19. The struggle to help our three boys navigate the challenges of remote learning is real.  Upon reflection, I recognize the hidden blessing this struggle has presented.  Aside from the hit to our grocery budget, keeping three growing boys fueled and focused is no small feat, yet being able to help and support each of them as needed has given Heather and I the chance to understand and feel grateful that we are able to be present to acknowledge what gifts they possess, and to help each meet and overcome their personal challenges. Thankfully, our parents remain healthy and COVID-19-free, however like you, we worry about their health and vulnerability and our boys miss not being able to celebrate special events with their grandparents.

Reflecting on my own family and the work that we put in to support our boys has helped me to understand the enormous challenges teachers face every day.  We are so grateful for the teachers who are redoubling their efforts to attempt to create “school business as usual” over Zoom and in some cases dealing with the added schedule of combining in-person and virtual learning. 

And, for the families we serve through the Weekend Survival Kits program, we want to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily and we know that your path is in so many ways much more difficult.

If you are a donor or a volunteer for Weekend Survival Kits, your generosity has renewed our conviction to continue to do everything we can to close the food gap for those most in need in our service area. 

To all our leaders. partners, constituents, supporters, family, and friends we wish you good health and the strength to continue to do the best you can under the continuing threat of Covid-19.  To learn more about our efforts to fulfill our mission despite Covid-19, you can read an update by following this LINK.  


Jeff Gorsline

Founder and Executive Director

Weekend Survival Kits

More About Donations: Thanks to all of you who have prioritized a gift to Weekend Survival Kits. Your support is much needed. As time goes on, it is clear that we will be identifying greater need for the weekend food supports, and that will cost more money. Please join us in providing food and hope to the kids we are serving by going to the donate page. or simply tap the donate button at the top right corner of the home page.

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IMPACT REPORT Released for Review

As we closed the books on 2018, our seventh year of service to families who are experiencing food insecurity through mostly elementary schools in five counties, we are filled with gratitude. It is a deep and enduring gratitude for all the support we have received both from donors and volunteers. This report is to help you understand the impact of the work we do and to understand the continuing needs of school children in our area.  Growth has been exhilarating, challenging and sometimes sobering. Especially sobering when we realize that the increase in schools and individual children represents thousands of stories of heroism, courage, and heartbreak which we will never be able to share. By its nature, due to confidentiality promises, we do not often get to hear about the challenges which qualify families to participate in this program…

To learn more about the Weekend Survival Kits performance across all the schools we serve, click on the report image.