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Each session is an hour or less. A great way to work together as a team. Our evening packing sessions are kid-friendly!

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WSK programs are organized for schools. Go here to find info on a specific program. 


Learn about volunteer opportunities. We have one-time or on-going volunteer activities. 


The opportunities for sponsorship are available for an individual child, program, or event.  


Your support means the world to us! You can help us fulfill our mission with financial support. 

Want to Help?

The CARES ACT which is part of the federal stimulus response to the Corona Virus, makes it possible for individuals to make up to a $300 gift as a charitable contribution, even if you don’t itemize your deductions. This is a great time to support Weekend Survival Kits, a $300 gift now or throughout the remainder of 2020 will be applied to your adjusted gross income as a qualified charitable contribution.  $300 will cover the weekend food gap for 3 students for the 2020-21 school year.

Go to our Donate page now to make your charitable gift.  To learn more about the CARES ACT and Weekend Survival Kits read this blog. 


IMPACT REPORT Released for Review

As we closed the books on 2018, our seventh year of service to families who are experiencing food insecurity through mostly elementary schools in five counties, we are filled with gratitude. It is a deep and enduring gratitude for all the support we have received both from donors and volunteers. This report is to help you understand the impact of the work we do and to understand the continuing needs of school children in our area.  Growth has been exhilarating, challenging and sometimes sobering. Especially sobering when we realize that the increase in schools and individual children represents thousands of stories of heroism, courage, and heartbreak which we will never be able to share. By its nature, due to confidentiality promises, we do not often get to hear about the challenges which qualify families to participate in this program…

To learn more about the Weekend Survival Kits performance across all the schools we serve, click on the report image.


UPDATE on Weekend Survival Kits, Packing and Distribution

First and foremost, weekend food kits from Weekend Survival Kits are available to the students needing this support. Use this LINK to open and download the document with the specifics and availability for each school district* to review the dates, times and location of the “Grab and Go” for weekend food kits and/or breakfast and lunches.

BE ADVISED, there may be changes as situations continue to evolve. We will change this document as often as needed and will make note of the fact of the most recent update. 

To our growing community of supporters: Thank you to all of you for expressing interest and support of Weekend Survival Kits!  Those of you wishing to volunteer, please know that at this moment we are so very fortunate to have the support of Greater Lansing Food Bank for kit packing and help distributing the weekend kits. We would ask you to stay tuned and visit this site for future needs which are sure to arise. At this moment you and your families are your first priority.  

A Word About Donations: Thanks to all of you who have prioritized a gift to Weekend Survival Kits. Your support is much needed. While we are getting physical and logistic support from the Food Bank, we are still funding the cost of the food in the kits. As time goes on, it is clear that we will be identifying greater need for the weekend food supports, and that will cost more money. Please join us in providing food and hope to the kids we are serving by going to the donate page. or simply tap the donate button at the top right corner of the home page.

Note* – Livingston County is being ably being handled by our Livingston team; Detroit school at Harms is currently shut down.

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